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Human Resource Management

What Keeps You Up At Night?

     X    I Don't Want To Get Sued

     X    Firing People

     X    Problem Employees

     X    Keeping My Best Players 

Over the past 26 years, none of our clients have gone to trial for an HR related issue. How do we do it? We are proactive!

  1. We train our employers and their employees!

  2. We handle the issues and counsel in real time and in person.

  3. We do the investigations.

  4. We become the 'bridge between you and your attorney'. We handle and solve the issues up front so you won't need to contact an attorney.

Paradigm’s Human Resources Group is all about protecting our client, the employer, from the consequences of careless and discriminatory personnel.


  • We lead our clients through the constantly changing world of personnel regulations enacted by Federal, State, local governments and agencies; 

  • We suggest policies and practices designed to protect the employer;

  • We assist in implementing and communicating those policies and practices;

  • We are involved in the hiring process, counseling situations, discipline;

  • We do the termination meetings; 

  • We are involved in unemployment hearings, Workers' Compensation claims and more; all to ensure a productive workforce and a strong bottom line.


We offer a FREE Personnel Vulnerability Risk Assessment to measure your organization's strengths and potential liabilities.  Call us for a 5 minute conversation to begin the process.

Paradigm will help management avoid

  • Wage & Labor issues

  • Unemployment claims

  • Workers’ Comp citations

  • Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Discrimination claims

  • Age Discrimination Employment Act issues

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAAA) issues

  • Family and Medical Leave Act violations

  • Overtime violations

  • OSHA violations

  • EEOC violations and fines

  • Title VII Civil Rights violations

Additionally, Paradigm will assist Management with

  • Establishing Personnel Policies and Practices

  • Wage and Benefits Analysis

  • Drug-Free Workplace Practices

  • Management and Personnel Counseling

  • Affordable Care Act Management

  • Legal & Effective Hiring & Termination Procedures

  • Workplace Violence Training

  • Social Media and Privacy Guidelines

  • Establishing Safety Committees

  • HIPAA HITECH Management

"It is no longer a question of if you will be sued;

it is a question of when you will be sued."

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