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Background Checks & Drug Screens

Accurate, Fast and Cost Effective Results


Know Who Works for You!


We at Paradigm understand the importance of knowing exactly who works for you. Background checks are extremely necessary no matter what industry you are in. You deserve to know the facts and that’s what we offer you quickly and accurately.


Criminal Searches We Offer:

➤ Nationwide Criminal Search

 Statewide Criminal Search

 Countywide Courthouse Check

 Nationwide Sexual Offender

 National Wants & Warrants

 Federal Criminal Search

 U.S. Patriot Act (OFAC)


You don’t want an incoming employee to have any of the above records,

But what if you want to know something they do have like Verifications and Qualifications.


Verification and Qualification Searches We Offer:

➤ Social Security Trace

 Motor Vehicles Records

 Workers’ Compensation

 Employment Credit Reports

 Education and Certifications

 Employment History

 Credentials and Licensing

 DOT Driver Records

 Reference Checks

 National Eviction Search




A Drug-Free Workplace, is a Profitable Workplace!


Our drug testing provides the deterrent needed to help maintain a drug-free workplace and meet your company objectives and compliance needs.


Here are the types of tests we can provide for you:
Urine Drug Screens

➤ Federal (DOT)

 Florida (HRS)

 Forensic (Non-DOT)

 Paperless – 15-minute Negatives

 On-Site Solutions

Expanded Testing Panels

➤ Health Care Panel

 Nicotine Testing

 Synthetic Opiates (Oxycotine)

 Ecstasy (MDMA)

Alcohol Testing

➤ Blood Alcohol (Florida – HRS)

 Saliva Alcohol

 Breath Alcohol

Alternative Testing Solutions

➤ Saliva (Oral Fluid) Testing

 Hair Testing

 Sweat Patch


You can have all of this at the industry’s lowest prices with absolutely no hassle.


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