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Julie Small

Chief Operating Officer

          Julie J. Small, COO, brings twenty-five years of executive business management and ownership experience specializing in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, benefit administration, and administrative services.  Her diverse expertise ranges from Finance, Medical, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Service industries to the Design, Architectural, Real Estate, Commercial and Residential Construction, Pharmaceutical, Sales, Distribution, Hospitality, Food Service, and Retail sectors. Always looking beyond traditional accounting services, Ms. Small takes a personal approach to her clients and franchisees combining a keen sense of entrepreneurialism, with a fresh and profitable approach to business management.

          Julie has honed the development and implementation of accounting systems and controls bringing her client's efficient methodologies and solutions to ensure immediate productivity and profitability.  She intimately understands the process of business valuation, private equity, and the process of maximizing shareholder value.  


          Ms. Small’s successful hands-on development, assessment, and training approach to financial matters deliver top graded performance to move organizations to a higher level of efficiency.

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