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HR & Employee Relations

Paradigm Protects Management

Paradigm's Human Resources Management Service Group is all about protecting Management from the consequences of careless and discriminatory personnel. Our staff of HR professionals will train your team in the latest federal and state regulatory laws and issues.


Paradigm will assist you in implementing policies and benefits to safeguard your company demonstrating that management is pro-active in its approach to personnel compliance issues, guidelines, and laws.

Health and Safety Program:

Review of your current safety policies and procedures

Safety Manual customized to your business and industry

On-site safety checklist with professional suggestions

Pre-employment Services:

Identity verifications and address histories

Criminal records (County, State, and Federal Levels)

Employment education and credential verification

Motor vehicle reports

Workers compensation reports

Sex offender search

10-panel drug testing

Offer Letters

Assist Management with:

Policy Handbooks

Compliance Issues

Legal & Effective Terminations

Harassment & Discrimination Training

Drug Testing & Background Checks

A commitment to Safety can:

Result in fewer injuries

Increase productivity

Reduce workers compensation costs

Paradigm is About People
As your business continues to grow and become more complex, so does your need for affordable, reliable, comprehensive human resource employee relations management. 

Ignoring these important issues can cripple your organization.

The stakes are high.

"It is no longer a question of 'if' you will be sued; rather, it is a question of 'when' you will be sued." 

The economic consequences of expensive litigation for discriminatory action can be devastating.

Let Paradigm sort through the do's and don'ts to help you simplify the many aspects of running your business so that you can get back to doing just that - running your business.

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