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Paradigm provides services for a variety of industries with real people, in-person

Paradigm has built its reputation on the belief that our client's needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.  As a result, over 98% of our business comes from referrals.
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Human Resources Consulting

"It is no longer a question of if you will be sued; it is a question of when you will be sued."

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Employee Handbook

We create employment policies that protect your business and set guidelines.

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Background Checks & Drug Screens

Accurate, Fast and Cost Effective Results

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What Our Customers
Are Saying

Dr. Jordan


I have had the pleasure of working with Randy and his staff at Paradigm International Enterprises, Inc. for over 10 years and I can not be more pleased with the service he has provided for us.  Randy is an expert in Human Resources and allows me to spend my time running my business knowing that any HR issues that arise will be handled professionally, efficiently, and in compliance to the ever changing labor law regulations.

Dr. Ibrahim


Mr. Knox brings a broad base knowledge to support the employer and employee relationship. A go to expert for my office policies.



Working with Paradigm has been a game changer for our organization. As our company has grown from 30 to nearly 90 employees over the past few years, their knowledge and expertise has been absolutely imperative in insuring we are following all of the latest laws and regulations. I simply can't imagine where we would be without the Paradigm team!

Why Choose Us

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Partnership System

Unlike our "competitors" we will work with you in-person, and provide the best quality of service in the industry

proactive Approach

"It is no longer a question of if you will be sued; it is a question of when you will be sued."
We work to keep you compliant today, not when it's too late.

Employer Focus

Paradigm’s Human Resources Group is all about protecting our client, the employer, from the consequences of careless and discriminatory personnel.

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Examples of our work

How We Have Helped Our Clients

HR Compliance

A small business owner named Sarah faced continuous legal hurdles due to HR compliance issues. The legal jargon and endless regulations felt like a maze she could never navigate. Then she discovered Paradigm HR Management. With their expert guidance on HR compliance and legal protection, Sarah's business now sails smoothly, free from the storm of legal concerns that once loomed over. The peace of mind she has now is priceless, knowing that her business is on the right side of the law.

Employee Relations

Emma, a non-profit director, was passionate about her cause but found herself entangled in the complex web of employee relations. Morale was low, and the mission of the organization was being overshadowed by internal disputes. That was until Paradigm International stepped in. With their expert employee relations support, the clouds of discord cleared, morale soared, and the team rallied together towards their common goal once again. Emma could now lead with confidence, knowing her team was harmoniously aligned with the mission at heart.

Talent Acquisition

Alex was struggling to find the right talent for his ambitious projects. Despite numerous interviews, the perfect team seemed a dream away. Then he found Paradigm International. With their adept Talent Acquisition services, they understood Alex's vision and meticulously found the candidates that resonated with his company’s ethos. As the right talent started flowing in, so did innovation and success. Now, with a dedicated team, his startup is not just a company, but a community, spearheading innovation in its realm.

FMLA & Benefit Admin

Tom was the proud owner of a growing tech firm. However, the growth came with a pile of HR challenges, from payroll processing to employee benefits administration. The administrative workload was spiraling out of control. Enter Paradigm International. Their comprehensive HR solutions streamlined every aspect of human resources, freeing Tom to focus on what he does best—innovating. Now, with a thriving team and streamlined HR processes, his business is soaring to new heights, and the sky's the limit.

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Always there for you wherever you are: in-person, phone call, email, or text

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