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FMLA & Benefit Administration

Everything FMLA & Benefit Admininstration Made Easy

FMLA Compliance Management

The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.

The FMLA MILITARY doubles the eligibility period and guarantees the same job at the same rate of pay plus any COLA’s.

Individual State FMLA and/or Sick Time Policies -Some states provide more generous benefits than the FMLA. Employers are required to follow the state law.

ALL FMLA REGULATIONS ARE RIGID! Without the right approach, you could be facing a lawsuit brought by the employee and/or the Department of Wage and Labor. Regardless of the outcome, the average cost of defending an FMLA lawsuit is nearly $80,000. You could be held responsible for back pay, actual monetary losses, liquidated damages, and front pay losses of up to one year’s wages.

The Administrative Burden is Exhausting!

➤Coverage ➤Eligibility ➤Unpaid Leave ➤Hours of service requirements

➤Qualifying Conditions ➤Birth & Bonding ➤Certification ➤Intermittent/reduced leave schedule

➤Job restoration ➤Employee notice ➤Employer notice ➤Serious health condition

➤Military provisions ➤USERRA-FMLA ➤Caregiver leave ➤Prohibited acts

➤Reinstatement ➤Discrimination ➤Complaints ➤Coordination of documentation    


Paradigm’s pro-active approach to FMLA management can relieve the burden of FMLA administration for you. We will manage the ins-and-outs of FMLA requirements and administration thereby eliminating the economic pitfalls that can result from not handling them correctly.

Paperwork, Tracking, Reinstatement

FMLA paperwork is complicated and time consuming. We ensure the employee and employer forms are completed and correctly submitted. We gather required documentation from medical providers and we track all paperwork. We enhance communication with the employee ensuring all Department of Wage and Labor regulations are followed.


Returns and Terminations

The requirements of each of the FMLA’s differ per employee circumstance. What documentation is required? Is a fitness for duty physical required? What do you do if the position they held is no longer available? What if I need to let a person go who is out on FMLA? We will navigate this minefield for you.

The best way to avoid possible FMLA mismanagement and potential litigation is to ensure compliance before a problem begins. Paradigm’s proactive approach to FLMA Management is compliance driven and cost efficient.

Benefit Administration

Looking to improve quality and timeliness in the administration of your internal benefit’s department and cut overhead in the process. Look no further!

Our team of experts can assist as you with day to day benefit and payroll administration processes including:

➤ On-boarding of new employees

➤ Termination of employees

➤ Notifications to all insurance carriers

➤ Group Medical

➤ Group Dental

➤ Short Term Disability

➤ Long Term Disability

➤ Vision Insurance

➤ Voluntary Life Insurance

➤ FMLA compliance

➤ Maintain updated employee and benefit census

➤ Notifications to Simple IRA or 401K providers

➤ Manage Cobra notices through third-party vendors

➤ Assist with annual renewals including a comparative analysis of plans, vendors, and costs

With Paradigm International, you have access to healthcare benefit administration professionals with a high level of customer service to administer all aspects of benefit administration, enrollment, billing issues and monthly auditing including HR & Payroll support.

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