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Workplace Investigations

We conduct prompt, impartial and thorough investigations into any complaints.

Workplace Investigations by Paradigm International

Ensuring Fairness and Integrity in Your Workplace

At Paradigm International, we specialize in conducting independent and comprehensive workplace investigations. Our team is adept at handling sensitive issues, ensuring a thorough and impartial process to uncover the truth in various workplace situations.

Types of Investigations We Conduct

  • Harassment and Discrimination Complaints: Addressing claims of inappropriate behavior in the workplace with sensitivity and thoroughness.
  • Hostile Work Environment Claims: Investigating allegations of environments that hinder employee comfort or productivity.
  • Workplace Threats and Bullying: Uncovering instances of intimidation or harassment among employees.
  • Management Misconduct: Delving into accusations against management personnel to ensure accountability.
  • Employee Theft: Investigating cases of alleged theft or misappropriation of company assets.
  • Ethics and Conflict of Interest Allegations: Addressing concerns regarding ethical breaches and conflicts of interest.
  • Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims: Ensuring fair treatment for employees who report wrongdoing.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Investigation Process

  • Prompt and Impartial Assessments: Conducting swift investigations to minimize disruption while remaining neutral.
  • Fact-Finding and Documentation: Gathering and documenting all relevant facts and evidence.
  • De-escalation through Third-Party Involvement: Leveraging our position as an external investigator to reduce tensions.

Post-Investigation Support

  • Internal Investigation Guidance: Assisting organizations with conducting their own investigations.
  • Training on Investigation Protocols: Educating staff on proper procedures to handle future incidents.
  • Auditing Company Procedures: Reviewing and improving your organization's internal investigation processes.
  • Investigation Result Assessment: Helping review and interpret investigation outcomes.
  • Recommendations and Future Prevention: Providing actionable advice and strategies to prevent future issues.

Building a Safer Workplace with Paradigm

With Paradigm International, you gain more than just an investigative service; you partner with experts committed to maintaining a safe, respectful, and compliant workplace. Our goal is to help you navigate complex issues, reach fair conclusions, and implement strategies to foster a positive work environment.

Contact Paradigm International for skilled and sensitive handling of workplace investigations.

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