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HR Audits and Reviews

Let us review your HR practices and recommend actions that achieve compliance and cost control.

HR Audits and Reviews by Paradigm International

Comprehensive Assessments for HR Excellence

At Paradigm International, we offer thorough HR audits and reviews conducted by our seasoned HR professionals. Our goal is to assess and enhance various aspects of your HR function to align them with your company's goals and objectives while ensuring compliance and reducing risk.

Areas of Focus in HR Audits

Wide-Ranging HR Function Assessment

  • Compliance and Risk: Evaluating your adherence to laws and identifying potential areas of risk.
  • Recruitment and Hiring: Analyzing processes to ensure they are effective and compliant.
  • Onboarding Procedures: Assessing the effectiveness of your onboarding process.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Reviewing your compensation structures and benefit offerings.
  • Training and Development: Evaluating the effectiveness of employee training and development programs.
  • Employee Relations: Looking into your practices regarding employee engagement and relations.
  • Safety Practices: Assessing your workplace safety protocols.
  • Company Culture: Reviewing the alignment of HR practices with your company culture.

Identifying HR Vulnerabilities

  • Job Misclassification: Checking for correct classification of exempt and non-exempt positions.
  • Personnel File Management: Ensuring personnel files are comprehensive and compliant.
  • I9 Form Accuracy: Verifying the correctness of I9 employment eligibility forms.
  • Attendance Policies: Reviewing attendance policies to ensure they comply with regulations.
  • Payroll and Wage/Hour Compliance: Identifying any errors in payroll and wage/hour practices.
  • Recordkeeping: Assessing the accuracy and compliance of HR recordkeeping.
  • SUTA and Workers' Compensation Premiums: Checking for correct State Unemployment Tax Act and workers' compensation premiums.
  • Recruitment Spending Efficiency: Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of recruitment spending.

Deliverables and Outcomes of HR Audits

Actionable Insights and Roadmap

  • Detailed Audit Report: A comprehensive summary of findings and specific feedback.
  • Recommendations and Action Plan: Tailored advice and a strategic roadmap to address audit findings.
  • Prioritization and Implementation Assistance: Guidance in prioritizing and implementing necessary actions.
  • Continuous Improvement Process: Establishing mechanisms for ongoing improvement in HR functions.

Enhance Your HR with Paradigm International

Our HR audits and reviews are designed not just to identify areas of improvement but also to ensure your HR department supports your business's overall objectives and growth. Partner with Paradigm International to ensure your HR practices are compliant, efficient, and effectively contribute to your company's success.

Contact Paradigm International to schedule an HR audit and take a proactive step towards HR excellence.

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